Master’s thesis in psychology

Master’s thesis in psychology – 7 examples of topics

Master’s thesis in psychology should primarily interest potential readers – promoter, reviewer and other people interested in a given problem. The most interesting and valuable are works containing the results of own research.

If you are still at the stage of looking for the topic of work in psychology, then read our proposals. You will also find help in writing diploma theses.

Master’s thesis topics in psychology

Psychology is a science dealing with general reflection on a man, his experiences, judgments, reasons for his decisions, behavior in various situations. The main goal of the future psychologist is to describe, explain and predict behavior and manage human behavior.

If you want to describe what is happening to a patient in specific situations, your master’s thesis in psychology may have such a topic:

  1. The self-image and the structure of emotional concepts in oncology patients.
  2. Post-traumatic stress and achievement motivation.

In a situation where you intend to explain and predict human behavior more, you can choose one of the following topics:

  1. The influence of value on the degree of consumer attachment to luxury products.
  2. Influence of selected teaching methods on the pace of learning of children in early school age.
  3. Feminist attitude and style of managing a woman in a large enterprise.

If you want your work to be about managing human behavior, decide for example on such a thesis topic in psychology:

  1. Psychological help to a woman after losing a child.
  2. Psychological assistance to men discriminated against on the grounds of sexual orientation.

Remember that the given topics of the final work are only suggestions, you can modify them as you like. Try to choose such issues that will concern current and still unknown problems. Also, keep in mind the availability of sources and whether you can carry out the planned study. If necessary, contact our specialists for writing master theses.