Choosing a theme bachelor

Bachelor and master theses in physiotherapy – examples of topics

Do you think that it is difficult to choose the subject of bachelor thesis in physiotherapy? You do not know what will suit the promoter? See our topic suggestions.

Physiotherapy – Bachelor’s and master’s thesis

The physiotherapist, among other things, deals with various aspects of recreational and therapeutic activity. Certainly it is more difficult to decide when the master’s thesis is research, because choosing the scope of research, developing problems and hypotheses, choosing indicators and research methods is quite laborious.

Already at the stage of selecting the topic, it is worth considering the research methodology. In addition, the work must be interesting, so it is not worth discussing issues that have already been described dozens of times in different books. Master’s thesis should bring new knowledge to learn.

Bachelor’s thesis physiotherapy – inspirations

If you are looking for a ready subject to work, look in the search engine under the slogan “Bachelor’s thesis physiotherapy pdf”. If you are looking for inspiration more, then maybe this topic will interest you: “Sport as a way to integrate children in special schools”. You are addressing an important issue and maybe you will develop interesting conclusions that will be useful to other specialists.

Physiotherapy – topics suggestions:

  1. Respiratory efficiency of patients suffering from cystic fibrosis.
  2. The influence of kinesitherapy and light therapy on the respiratory capacity of patients with allergies.
  3. Motivation to exercise people with amputated limbs.

There is no golden mean in the matter of choosing a topic, although some criteria can be accepted:

  1. Choose topics that interest you and make you feel good.
  2. Find out which issues your promoter is interested in.
  3. Make sure that the chosen subject is consistent with the direction and specialization of your studies.